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Looking for a delicious and healthy tea? Check out the health benefits of Eon's Mulberry Tea below:

7 Reasons why you should drink Eon's Mulberry Tea

1. 100% Organic (Certified by IFOAM) While most green tea leaves and other mulberry teas suffer large amounts of pesticide use, our mulberry leaves are farmed without the use of pesticides.

2. Promotes a healthy digestive system Soluble fiber and potassium helps keep your digestive system healthy and regular. DNJ also supports good bacteria health.

3. Helps lower high blood pressure and cholesterol levels Lowers high blood pressure, but does not affect healthy blood pressure. Improves blood content by lowering the amount of cholesterol in blood.

4. Helps support a healthy body weight Because it blocks enzymes from breaking down sugars, it decreases the amount of sugar absorbed into the body. Instead, the sugar harmlessly passes through the body helping you have a healthier weight.

5. Supports healthy liver function Mulberry leaves are known to have multiple benefits of health, including detoxification properties. This helps restore health problems caused by liver ailments.

6. Promotes a healthy heart Mulberry components help improve blood flow which eases the workload of the heart.

7. Contains no Caffeine

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