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Drink Menu

Espresso Hot & Cold
Café Latte
Vanilla Latte
Café Mocha
Café Bianco
Crème De Caramel
Latte Love
Classic Cappuccino
Special Cappuccinos
(Cubano, Cacao, Vietnamese)


Hot Drinks
Brewed Coffee
Café Vienna
Café Au Lait
Matcha Latte
Chai Tea Latte
Hot Chocolate
Vanilla Steamer
Hot Apple Chai

Espresso Frappe
Latte Frappe
Mocha Frappe
Carmel Frappe
Seasonal Frappe

Iced drinks
Iced Mulberry Tea
Iced Coffee
Iced Black Tea
Iced Herbal Tea
Blueberry Red Lemonade


Hot Tea
Peppermint Chamomile
Jamaica“Organic” Red Bush Rooibos
Sencha with Matcha
Genmai with Matcha
Very English Breakfast
Organic Earl Grey
Jasmine Fancy
Eon’s Good Earth




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