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Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans California


When ordering for a business, please contact us through telephone or fax. Business orders may qualify for special shipping or delivery options.
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Organic coffee beans


    Kona Coffee      
    Organic coffee beans California








Antioxidants organic coffee California

    Antioxidants organic coffee      

Coffee blends original to our coffee shop. Includes seasonal blends and other great tasting blends for people who want to try something different.
(Selection changes throughout the year.)

Eon offers high quality Kona Coffee with the esteemed sweet and smooth flavor with a medium body.
Eon uses an original blend that uses beans from many different sources to create smooth, full-bodied espresso with sweet notes and a slight nutty flavor.



Our African coffee has floral notes with berry flavor and a sweet aroma.




Our Tropical South Pacific blends have the characteristic of being rich, creamy, and full-bodied.





We feature Tango Latin coffees that are nutty, with a sweet aftertaste, with a medium body.





About Our Coffee

At Eon, we proudly roast our coffee beans locally. We use a high quality PROBAT roaster which allows for a wide range of options when bringing out the special characteristics of different kinds of coffee beans.



1.Why do you roast your own beans?

The first reason is to provide freshly roasted beans. Because we are a small coffee shop, we also roast in small batches. This means we work hard to bring out the special attributes characteristic of each kind of bean. This adjustment is done manually by our experienced roaster, checked through smell of the roast, the sound of the beans roasting, and through visual color.

2.What are the characteristics of a good roaster?
Beans roasted by a careful roaster are not too burnt. When roasting is done by an automatic machine, beans tend to be over roasted, giving the subsequent coffee a burnt taste. Our roaster comments that, 'the art of roasting is the technique of taking out water.' He carefully monitors the roasting process and adjusts temperature and duration accordingly.

3.What is unique about the way we roast?
When the beans are done roasting, we ensure quick cool off through three combined methods. First, as the beans are poured out of the roasting drum, they are cooled by a powerful vent from underneath. Next, there is also an electric fan that simultaneously cools from the side. And lastly, our roaster wields a fan by hand. All of this is in effort to prevent further burning from residues of heat, and to keep the taste in. Afterwards the batch is examined and beans not up to par are picked out by hand.

We hope you enjoy our coffee!





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